If you are looking the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life or perhaps for yourself… You are on the right place, Here´s my 7 wine gifts recommendations to totally rock this Christmas.

The holidays are just around the corner and it´s time to start the Christmas shopping. Here you will find my favorite wine accessories I deeply recommend for the wine enthusiast in your life, or you J.

1. Wahioli wine Carrier

Wahioli wine carrier is the perfect gift for wine lovers; it will make them feel special while also enhancing their imbibing experience.

Wahioli can carry two standard bottles or…

Winter is coming… the holidays are just around the corner, the weather is getting colder and we are preparing for all the food we are going to eat during the holidays.

It´s time for the ugly sweaters, rich meals, winter activities and Christmas movies… Here´s my list of 5 winter wines for kicking-off holiday celebrations:

1. Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is an excellent go-to holiday red wine. Thanks to its versatile, and low tannins and intense aromas of berries, strawberries and cherries, Pinot Noir is the perfect choice to balance out the hearty and boldly flavored dishes that are typical of the season

December is finally here!! We are getting into the Christmas spirit. In my case, it started in November with the decoration of my department, but who cares, this year everything is possible.

Since we are entering the winter season, I thought it would be great to share with you my recipe of mulled wine, a very traditional hot beverage from European countries with colder climates.

The Romans created mulled wine in the 2nd century and spread-it to Europe during its campaigns. As the Roman Empire expanded over Europe, so it did the love for mulled wine.

Between the V and…

White wines must be served chilled to lift the aromas and acidity of the wine, making them taste more pleasant and refreshing. However, when they’re too cold, flavors cannot express its best.

Temperature serving guide

The right temperature for white wines is between 45–55 °F / 7–13 °C. Colder temperatures can accentuate the edges of acidity and fruitiness, whereas, the warmer a wine becomes, the more those edges can seem to blur and overlap.

The style of the white wine can determine the temperature it should be served in order to increase their refreshing qualities and acidity:

· Dry white wines like Sauvignong…

Thanksgiving feast is a combination of so many textures and flavors, it often begin with appetizers and move to turkey, the salads and multiple sides and sauces.

If you love red wines, perhaps you are wondering which reds can pair well with Thanksgiving feast.

When it comes to red wines, you have to go carefully and choose light-bodied reds that are not too high in acidity and tannins.

The reds must complement the food and not to overpower the textures and flavors; which means avoid the full body reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec.

Here are my go-to favorite red…

Thanksgiving is nearly here and with that, the stress of choosing the right wine pairing for the dinner is coming… it can be a nightmare.

Thanksgiving dishes are a combination of so many textures and flavors with so many salads, sides, and sauces on the table, not to mention the TURKEY; and trying to pair wine with this celebration of flavors can be overwhelm.

Before to go any further, I will like to say that if you don´t like to complicate just pick the wine of your preference, if you liked that much is good. …

Today is International Zinfandel Day, so let´s celebrate with some information about this varietal.

Zinfandel is one of the most popular wine grapes grown and produced all over California. It can be used to make bold red wine, or “white zin” (pink color). How awesome is this?

White Zinfandel

White Zin is actually a Rosé wine made from Zinfandel black grapes. During the maceration process, the fermenting grape juice is separated from what would become a red Zinfandel wine, resulting on white zin.

Do you know Riesling? Have you ever try it? Do you liked? Do you want to know more about Riesling? If so, keep reading.

The first time I tried Riesling was in 2014, I was in Strasbourg, France for work and went to dinner to La Petite France (Strasbourg historic district). One of my French colleagues suggested drinking a Riesling with the Alsatian food, it was delicious, and from that day I love it.

Riesling is a white grape originated in the Rhine River region: parts of Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland, that produces some of the world’s best white…

Once you open a bottle of wine you have two options: finish the bottle, or keep the rest for another time. Sometimes you just want one glass during your meal or to enjoy on a good conversation or TV show. So, what you do with the rest of the bottle? How many days it will last and it is safe to drink it?

Most wines last open around 3 to 5 days, depending on the type of wine and the storage you use. During these days, with the proper storage, the wine will be good.

Here are some recommendations according…

This is not so common, but if you´ve been there you know that this is not a pleasant situation, on the contrary is kind of a nightmare, what you should do? Is the wine good? You can drink it?

Recently I opened a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and the wine cork crumbled and some parts fell into the bottle, I was so disappointed and looking what to do in order to preserve the wine. For that reason I decided to write this post, to help you go through a similar situation.

If the cork disintegrates and some parts falls into…

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