7 Holiday Wine Gifts for the wine lover in your life

1. Wahioli wine Carrier

Wahioli wine carrier is the perfect gift for wine lovers; it will make them feel special while also enhancing their imbibing experience.

2. Wahioli bottle protectors

These are the perfect complement for traveling. Wahioli travel protectors are disaster-proof and the best of all, they are reusable, you can use on every travel.

3. A decanter

As I mentioned in a previous post, there is no more magic, mysterious or drama as decanting.

4. Wine

It is always a great idea to give wine to a wine lover.

5. A set of fine wine glasses

One the natural accessories for wine lovers are wine glasses. Libbey is one of my favorites brands. They are perfect for everyday sipping, dinner parties, and large gathering, and you can put it on the dishwasher.

6. Coravin

It´s definitely a must accessory of every wine lover; drink what you want, without compromise. Coravin gives you the freedom to pour the wine you desire, and save the rest of the bottle for weeks, months, or even years.

5. Virtual Wine Tasting Course

If you´re looking for an entertainment activity, what about a virtual wine tasting course in the comfort of your home?



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Brenda Galaviz — Wahioli

Brenda Galaviz — Wahioli

Wine beginner & Co-founder of Wahioli. Passionate about Wine 🍷, food🍗 & travel ✈️ 🗺 Join me on my journey to becoming a wine expert https://wahioli.com